Marine Biology

Marine biology is the study of plants and animals in the saltwater environments. The word biological oceanography is also used to describe the study. A number of disciplines are involved including chemistry, astronomy, meteorology, zoology and cellular biology among others. Still, Scientific methods are used, with the main goal being that of finding the truth about life. Such truths are further used to make life easier and interesting for everyone. Therefore, it is asserted that the study of marine biology is important.

Understanding and Protecting the Marine Life

Foremost, the study of microorganisms such as algae, viruses, and bacteria helps people to understand their role in the marine world. It also offers vital information on food chain and how some of the micro-organisms can be used to find solutions to diseases. Secondly, fisheries and aquaculture are studied with the aim of ensuring that the world’s biodiversity is protected. It is factual that the world still depends on fish as the main source of protein. This means that the consumer demand must be met by finding ways of protecting aquatic life.

Thirdly, marine biologists study ocean’s health to ensure that the environment is healthy. The water should be of good quality in order to sustain life. Not to forget, some of the beaches act as tourists’ attraction and that governments gain economic benefits from the tourism sector. Fourthly, researchers are interested in understanding some of the unique features of the marine mammology. Particularly, the study of cateceans has aroused the interest of many, and more funding has been provided for the same. Getting facts on such things helps people to understand the world better. In addition, scientists have been trying to understand the relationship between sound waves and the health of sea creatures. Some people have argued that the high sound volume has destroyed many whales in the world.

Finding Truths about Climatic Changes and Water Pollution

Lastly, many scientists are concerned about the issue of climate change. Unlike in the past, the world climate is unpredictable. The industrial action coupled with wrong attitude towards the environment has degraded the world natural resources and further affected the climatic trends. Nonetheless, the study of marine biology helps understand the level of pollution in water bodies. It also helps predict the climatic changes, natural disasters and the sustainability of life. Indeed, the study of marine biology is important because it helps scientists to understand the marine world and how it affects life.

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