How to Start a Narrative Essay

Writing a narrative essay needs great creativity. Everything counts right from the beginning. Think of someone waiting to be taken on a journey. Why would he hold up to the end of the road? That’s what a narrative essay is all about. It should flow and engage your reader all through.

So, what is a narrative essay? Well, it is an essay written from a personal perspective of the experiences of the writer.

Are you wondering how you can get off into a good start writing your narrative essay? Well, it’s easy if you take your time to put everything together. Here is an important guide to starting your narrative.

  1. Plan and research 

As you prepare to write your essay, gather a few ideas here and there. Have a plan of how you will execute your assignment. Think of how you are going to approach the writing process. How will you want your readers to interpret what they will be reading?

Part of the research that you need to do is about the things you will be talking about. Your essay should have a logical sense. Your readers should be in a position to relate to what you are saying.

  1. Write your Topic 

Identify a good topic and write it down. The most important thing with your topic is to make sure that it is unique. It should focus on a specific issue and follow a certain direction.

  1. Write Your Thesis Statement 

The first thing you need to have before writing the entire essay is a key statement that helps to give direction to your essay. A thesis statement will help you stay on track.

You can either get started with it using a question, a quote, an anecdote or some statistics.  All your writing should be guided by this statement. Your writing from this point on is to build on it and introduce your reader to new dimensions of the story.


A narrative essay is an interesting piece of work to write. However, without a plan, you can get stuck on the way. Therefore, it is always good to plan on how you are going to execute this type of assignment. Have a clear outline of your chosen topic. Make sure you have a roadmap of how you will proceed from the introduction to the end.