X Ray Technician Salary

x ray technician salaryOne of the best things about this profession is the fact that an X ray technician salary is significant enough when you are just starting out, but can become exceptional as your career ages with strong experience.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that just any Tom, Dick and Harry can jump into this profession and become a professional X ray technician. What I do mean is that for those with the dedication and discipline to start with a dream, organize that dream into a realistic plan, put that plan into action, and no matter what stick to the plan until the goal is achieved, those are the people who will benefit the most from this blog.

There is going to be a great deal of information thrown at you, but don’t get flustered. Try to keep everything in perspective and segment as much as possible in order to just deal with one portion at a time. In this way, you can move back and forth to refresh your memory before moving on to the next step. Got it? Great! Now let’s get started.

X Ray Technician Salary Statistics

Because the expected growth of this occupation is anticipated at a minimum of at least 17%, there will be an imbalance of candidates to jobs availability. We know that the economics rule of scarcity will continue predominantly in this situation, because of the scarcity of professionals the x ray technician salary levels will continue to rise accordingly.

This status quo will also reflect the rising numbers of baby boomers that can afford more, and better medical care. With increasing numbers of patients, the entire healthcare industry is poised to enter its best and most productive era of service. The only dark cloud in the horizon will be the degree to which healthcare costs can be controlled.

When it comes to the salary levels for an X ray tech,

the lowest rung on the ladder for this profession, you will find that the thresholds are paying pretty good money for what could be considered almost an entry level position. Included in this list are the states that are paying the highest average x ray technician salary:

  • Mississippi $53,000
  • New York $51,000
  • Washington DC $50,000
  • Massachusetts $50,000
  • California $47,000
  • Connecticut $46,000
  • New Jersey $46,000
  • Georgia $46,000
  • Alabama $46,000
  • Illinois $46,000

Notice that the vast majority of these states are coastal states situated by large bodies of water. What significance this holds is, perhaps that the concentrations of clinicians in this field mirrors the similar population zones. This may prove to be illustrative of the point that greater job opportunities or x ray technician salary may be expected in smaller markets such as the central plains states.

X-Ray Technician Salary For Technologists

Because of the requirement of a higher degree, such as an Associate’s of Allied Sciences, or a Bachelor’s of Science and the additional level of responsibilities that this career choice demands, the salaries for this occupation are increased accordingly.

Additionally there are new certification requirements that will go into effect by 2015. The national association that establishes accreditation for this profession, the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists will require at least an associate’s degree for certification. Without certification, most of the major hospitals or medical clinics in the country won’t even allow you in the door.

The states with the highest average annual salary for a radiologic technologist, which is the next rung in the career ladder for an X ray technician, are:

  • Mississippi $71,000
  • New York $69,000
  • Massachusetts $68,000
  • Washington DC $67,000
  • California $63,000
  • Connecticut $63,000
  • Rhode Island $62,000
  • New Jersey $62,000
  • Georgia $62,000
  • Illinois $62,000

Future Potential Salaries

These are certainly great careers with supreme job satisfaction, and exceptional salary potential, but what must be understood is the fact that training and experience in one of the many modalities that can be mastered is what helps to increase income level.

Taken from the example of a major league pitcher, if he has one great pitch, say a curve, he will probably achieve only a certain amount of success, and will be at the mercy of batters who are great curve ball hitters. Without another pitch in his arsenal, he will soon be taken down by younger pitchers with more to offer.

The same can he said for major medical facilities who, are always looking at the bottom line for profitability. Why keep an X ray technician on staff who, can only take x rays? Why not hire a technologist who can also do MRI’s, CT scans, and more. Even if you have to pay a higher salary, it makes sense because your overhead costs will be cheaper in the

long run.

One final dose of reality as well. Beware of not investing your time to properly research the job market. Sure, this is a great occupation and the healthcare industry is a great place to invest in a career, but like anything else, there are limits.

Be sure of where you plan to work because you might just find that the market for this profession is saturated there and no jobs are available. There is always an ebb and flow, and if you play your cards right, you will find a job waiting as soon as you graduate from the many accredited X ray technician schools across the country.

In any case, the X ray technician salary that is paid to today’s professionals has, every chance to grow into a satisfying long-term career investment for those who thoroughly research this opportunity.